FalconFinders.com - Helping reunite falconers with their wayward birds


FalconFinders is a website where falconers can report lost and found birds. It is also a place where non-falconers can report a found hawk or falcon wearing equipment. The information reported on the form will be e-mailed to the founder of Falcon Finders, who will post the report to the Falcon Finders Facebook page to help reunite these birds with their falconers. Personal information about the reporter will only be given out when necessary to aid falconers in retrieving birds. This site is not for reporting injured or orphaned wild birds. For these cases please contact your local wildlife rehabilitator or animal shelter.

Due to issues with spam, reports will no longer be e-mailed to subscribers. We do not currently have any plans to restore this feature.

To see a list of previously reported birds, as well as their status, click here.

Report birds lost or found in California ONLY at this time. We may expand to other locations in the future.

What to do

What to do if you have found a lost hawk or falcon wearing equipment

Take note of the bird's exact location, description and behavior. If the bird is near the ground and you feel comfortable doing so, you can try to approach the bird slowly with a large towel. Drop the towel over the bird and carefully pick it up around the body, being careful of the feet and talons. Place both bird and towel into a box and report all details on this form. Please also let us know if you take the bird to a shelter or wildlife rehabilitation center.